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No job too big
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Looking for a reliable, trustworthy electrician with a proven track record of providing cost effective electrical services? Contact NT Electrician for a free estimate or advice.

All work is completed to the highest standard, and all testing is carried out in accordance with the 18th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671.

No job is too big or too small!


NT Electrician offers a comprehensive range of electrical services, including these
and all other aspects of electrical work. Click to find out more.


Electric Vehicle charger point expert installation for your home
Need a charging point at home for your new electric vehicle? NT Electrician can assess your needs and get you on the road!


Internal & external lighting
For ceilings or walls, from chandeliers to spotlights, garden decoration to driveway security, NT Electrician can tailor a lighting design for inside & outside your home.

Every space needs to be lit for its own purpose, and that means individual solutions and an expert understanding of the internal wiring of your home, whether it be repair or upgrade of existing lighting or the installation of a brand new solution for a new build.

NT Electrician issues every project with full certification after installation for your peace of mind.

Consumer Unit

Fusebox installs & upgrades
A replacement fusebox is often essential as regulations now require most circuits to be protected by a residual current device (RCD) to protect from shock, detect leaking electricity (a sign that your wiring is faulty) and protect appliances.

In some cases it is wiser and cheaper to simply upgrade the existing fusebox. NT Electrician always carries out a full pre-work inspection and a full breakdown of the work needed. An upgrade is usually very straightforward and will help your old fusebox to handle increased demand and avoid power surges that can damage TVs, computers, stereos and other equipment.

NT Electrician issues a certificate after fitting and a testing and inspection report as standard.

House Rewire

Complete or partial house rewiring
Whether you’re planning a re-design, or an extension, there’s always a good reason to look into the wiring in your home. Your internal wiring is of great importance to your safety and the resale value of your home.

A full rewire traditionally means replacing all cabling, fittings and distribution equipment and setting it back into the walls but can also mean surface changes with the replaced cabling hidden in trunking fitted onto the walls. I have years of experience in rewiring existing properties, even down to small alterations to new builds, or a selection of repairs and improvements to existing homes.

No job is too small and NT Electrician can handle full or part rewires to bring your house up to regulation BS7671 standard, whilst providing you with a full breakdown of all the work and the reason for doing it.

Storage Heater

Repairs, installation, servicing
Storage heaters are a very popular form of electric heating as they use low-cost off-peak electricity to keep running costs low. The heat is stored in a core of high density bricks and released throughout the day & evening. No moving parts to service and no pipes to fit means maintenance and installation costs are minimal and no annual safety check is required. The units can be fitted with both manual and automatic charge control.

I offer a full installation service and a repair service, and have over 20 years experience in the field.

Smoke Alarm

NT Electrician can provide a full design and installation service to provide a system to protect your family and your property: systems capable of detecting heat and smoke which comply with BS5839 for home or domestic dwellings.

Systems can be connected via radio frequency and upgraded to include deaf alarms, control switches, relays and visual sirens and are fully customisable to your requirements.

EIC Report

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) for homeowners & landlords
For existing installations to ensure their ongoing safety and suitability. This is a thorough inspection and test of all circuits, fixtures, earthing arrangements and supply.

Fault Finding

Installation fault finding and assessment
NT Electrician is proud of being able to assess the condition of your electrical installations, identify faults and advise on remedial works, giving you a clear indication of the cost and the impact of the work necessary.

Contact me for a free estimate or advice.


CCTV installation for home & small business premises
Feel more secure with CCTV. Protect your home or small business premises 24 hours a day from your phone. Free quote available.

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